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Judul : Keselarasan Berkelanjutan Dalam Mekanisme Pengaturan Kelembagaan Pertanian Organik di Kabupaten Tasikmalaya
Tahun : 2021
Penulis : Hana Indriana SP, M.Si
Abstrak :

The development of sustainable organic agriculture not only builds the sustainability of economic activities, but also social and environmental sustainability. Nee (2005) in Achwan (2014) explains that the institutional mechanism involves the governance of the institutional environment in relation to the institutional framework. The institutional environment includes regulations, formal rules, and policies, while the institutional framework includes informal norms and rules. In the process, institutions can make various efforts to re¬achieve close-coupling conditions. The objective of this research is intended to describe the mechanism for regulating organic farming institutions in Tasikmalaya Regency so that it can be sustainable until present. The development of organic agriculture in Tasikmalaya Regency involves an institutional mechanism that shows a close-coupling built by coercive isomorphism and normative isomorphism.


organic rice, closed coupling, coersif isomorphism, normative isomorphism


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