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Judul : Indonesian Migrant Workers’ Dilemma in Building Their Hometowns Remotely in the Digital Era
Tahun : 2020
Penulis : Dr. Ir. Lala M. Kolopaking M.S.,  Eko Wahyono , Adi Fahrudin
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Indonesian migrant workers, in the digital era, can help accelerate the development of their hometowns, yet they are not yet equipped with the ability to manage local natural resources. This research proves that migrant workers who have started to use digital technology while at the same time are not experiencing an optimal development of the digital ecosystem are to be given protection and services. This results in problems faced by departing Indonesian migrant workers. This is also the result of the government not giving enough contribution as the facilitator of collaborations between stakeholders who are developing digital technology-based data system as a means to improve Indonesian migrant workers’ welfare. The dilemma faced by Indonesian migrant workers who are working abroad in terms of building their hometowns is that they have to choose between continuing to work abroad but not gaining the ability to manage their local natural resources or returning to Indonesia to work in their hometowns.

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