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Judul : Environmental Communication in the Circular Economic Activity of Waste Bank Communities in South Tangerang City, Indonesia
Tahun : 2020
Penulis : Dr. Dwi Retno Hapsari M.SiDr. Ir. Sarwititi Sarwoprasodjo M.S,  Mirza Shahreza1 , Hadi Susilo Arifin
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This study aims to describe an environmental communication process that supports the sustainability of the waste bank community in the city of South Tangerang. This type of research is a qualitative descriptive study. Data obtained through observation and in-depth interviews. Next, the data analysis using the explanation building strategy, the researcher tries to construct an explanation of the case by making statements related to the phenomenon under study. The results of the study illustrate that the process of environmental communication in the economic activity of the bank community circle among its supporting stakeholders in three interests, namely those who view environmental themes as sources, objects and spirits that ultimately form convergent communication that is equal in mutual understanding and interdependence that positions banks waste as a public space in discussing environmental themes between institutions.

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