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Judul : Analisis Gender pada Rumah Tangga Nelayan terhadap Fenomena Perubahan Iklim
Tahun : 2020
Penulis : Sriwulan Ferindian Falatehan SP.,S.Psi.,M.Si,  Rohmah Mustaurida
Abstrak :

Climate change now is not only society in global level problem, but also at communities level. Shapes of climate change was happened in Sukajaya Lempasing village were flood, coastline change, and fishes habitat change. In fishermen household there were women and men who had different needs, roles, and division of labor. The purpose of this study were to identify shapes of climate change, to analyze the relationship between individual and household characteristics with access, decision making of resources, control, participation in social activities, and benefits gained in gender perspective, also to know vulnerability of coastal household in Sukajaya Lempasing village. The respondes were household with man leader and woman leader. This study was used quantitative and qualitative metodes. Rank Spearman test result showed there were individual and household caracteristics had highly corelation between (a) eduation with division of labour in productive role, (b) age and motivation be a fishermen with control of productive role, (c) age, experience of fishing, and mount of member in household with control in social role, (d) age and experience of fishing with division of labour and control of benefits gained.

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