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Judul : Analisis Efektivitas Kelompok dalam Sekolah Peternakan Rakyat
Tahun : 2020
Penulis : Ir. Sutisna Riyanto M.S,  Muhammad Rezky Fadillah
Abstrak :

The effectiveness of the groups in the Sekolah Peternakan Rakyat (SPR), which was established by IPB, was an interesting spotlight in this study. The group communication concepts applied in the SPR, one of which is the task function factor. The study aims to analyze group characterization factors and task function factors of farmers in Muara Enim District SPR. In addition to the effectiveness of the SPR group in Muara Enim District group characteristics, and task function factors with group effectiveness in Muara Enim District SPR. Sampling for the SPR group is based on a simple random sample by taking 10 percent of the population as respondents. The results of this study indicate that group effectiveness consists of group productivity and satisfaction of members in the SPR Muara Tigo Manunggal, District of Muara Enim. The existence of a positive relationship between communication with the aim of the existence of Muara Tigo SPR so that the achievement of group goals based on the characteristics of the group and the functions of their respective duties.

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