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Judul : Activities of Farmer Women Groups in Utilizing Digital Communication Media in Urban Farming Activities in Bogor City
Tahun : 2020
Penulis : Prof. Dr. Ir. Sumardjo M.SDr. Dwi Retno Hapsari M.SiDr. Ir. Ninuk Purnaningsih M.Si,  Selly Oktarina Muslim
Abstrak :

Urban farming is a characteristic of land use that is narrow and intensively limited to annual crops, polyculture and business oriented. This activity was initiated as an effort to maintain food supply and improve family nutrition. Therefore, the importance of increasing and developing the knowledge of women farmers by finding information related to urban farming through the use of digital communication media. The objective of this research was to describe the activities of women farmers in urban farming activities, describe the use of digital communication media and its effects. The research method used was a case study method by conducting an indepth analysis of five farmer women groups in Bogor city. The results showed that the activities of farmer women's groups in group activities on urban farming namely routine meetings, group garden activities, product processing, marketing, ecobrick manufacturing and training. Utilization of digital communication media by farmer women sorted by usage in finding information related to the urban farming program is Whatsapp (WA), Facebook (FB), Google, YouTube and Instagram (IG). The impact of  the utilizing digital communication media on the activities of farmer women's groups on urban farming is an increase in knowledge, application of technology and towards the development of agricultural education.

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