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Judul : Agricultural Short Message Services as Information for Farmer Empowerment
Tahun : 2021
Penulis : Asri Sulistiawati S.KPm.,M.SiDr.Ir. Djuara P. Lubis .MS
Abstrak :

Layanan Informasi Desa/Rural Information Service (LISA) is an information service for farmers based on SMS.
It is used to disseminate agricultural information and provide a space for agricultural tips, ask questions and
have a discussion. This study was conducted to determine the response and the perceived benefits of these
services for farmer households. The study was conducted in Karawang, where LISA was launched. The results
showed that the frequency of LISA’S use varied greatly from once per week to 30 times per week, but no farmer
household used Android-based applications. The frequency of use of these services is significantly related to
satisfaction level and is associated with the level of knowledge of farmer households. On the other hand, the
frequency of use of LISA is unrelated to the characteristics of farmer households, which include age, education,
sex, land ownership, as well as participation in farmer groups, and cosmopolitanism. A higher level of
knowledge is also related to the suitability of the tips given by LISA and the degree of satisfaction with the
Key words: accessibility, digital, exposure, ICT

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