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Judul : Land Suitability Evaluation for Pepper (piper nigrum L.) in West Lampung Regency
Tahun : 2021
Penulis : Dr. Ir. Rilus A. Kinseng M.A.,  E Addharu1, B Barus
Abstrak :

Decreasing productivity of pepper has become one of the problems of pepper commodities development in West Lampung Regency, as the second-largest pepper developer area. This condition made the fall in the price of pepper which greatly affects the income of the farmers. In order to increase production and develop pepper in West Lampung Regency, it is necessary to know the location and land suitability of the pepper first to facilitate giving directions and recommendations. Thus, this research is studying the spatial distribution of pepper and its characteristics, as well as the land suitability in West Lampung Regency. The results showed the spatial distribution of pepper commodity based on supervised classification is mostly located in the east of West Lampung Regency. Regarding the suitability, West Lampung Regency is categorized into land suitability class moderately suitable (S2fns) and marginally suitable (S3fns, S3ns, S3d, S3f, S3s, S3fs) with the biggest limiting factors are slope and nutrient retention. Land suitability with limiting factor conditions such as available nutrients, nutrient retention, and drainage can still be improved by providing lime, organic matter, fertilizers, and construction of irrigation systems.

Link : doi:10.1088/1755-1315/694/1/012055
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