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Judul : Sustainability of the Kawasan Rumah Pangan Lestari Program for a Farmer Women Group in Beji Village Wonogiri Regency, Central Java Province
Tahun : 2021
Penulis : Dr. Ir. Ninuk Purnaningsih M.Si,  Endah Lestari
Abstrak :

Research on sustainability program is important for evaluation practice on the success of a program and for
scientific knowledge accumulation. Kawasan Rumah Pangan Lestari (KRPL) Program is a major program that has
long been implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture to enhance farmers’ households food security. The objective
of this study is to evaluate the ecological, social, and economic sustainability of the KRPL program. This research
was conducted on one of the female farmer groups (KWT) participant of a KRPL program, using a survey method
of 60 respondents who were selected by simple random sampling. Data processing techniques used are frequency
tables and Partial Least Square test. The results showed that the level of participation of KWT members was in high
category and was in the category of citizen power or community power. In regard to sustainability of the KRPL
Program, ecological aspect has improved the environment to be cooler and more beautiful, and the management
of household and agricultural waste. Socially, a network has been established in business management, especially
for marketing. Economically, it has increased people's income. It is recommended to develop homegrown organic 
agriculture by developing collaborative network between some KWTs or farmer groups across villages and sub-

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