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Judul : Social Media Strengthens Social Capital in Dealing with Disaster on the Riverbanks
Tahun : 2020
Penulis : Dr. Ir. Lala M. Kolopaking M.S.
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Floods and landslides have affected communities' life and the environment. Various technical and non-technical efforts have been made by the government together with the community to minimise the impact of flooding through strengthening social media participation as the social capital as they believe the existence of social media can strengthen household social capital in dealing with disaster in the areas. The purpose of this study was to analyse social media utilities to strengthen the social capital of disaster along the Ciliwung River, West Java, and DKI Jakarta. This study used a mixed of qualitative and quantitative approaches. Data collection was done by survey and nonsurvey techniques through observation and in-depth interviews with several local communities. The results showed that social media strengthened social capital in households in the affected areas. That power is driven by the strength of social relations, fostering solidarity that shapes behaviour, and the achievement of shared goals. Solidarity is fostered by an act of cooperation, mutual assistance, a spirit of mutual cooperation, care, trust, and sensitivity. The presence of social media in the midst of floods and landslides has become a social networking site and an instrument of trust and social relations. Social networks are able to bind communities affected by disasters with unlimited connection. The existence of social media in the midst of a disaster has embodied the values of cooperation, mutual assistance, caring, trust, and shared sensitivity to disasters.

Key words: Social Media, Social Capital, Flood and Landslide Disasters, Ciliwung Riverbanks. 

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