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Judul : KARAKTERISTIKDANPEMBAGIANPERANPRODUKTIFDANREPRODUKTIFPEREMPUANLURAHDIWILAYAHBEKASI Characteristicsand Distributionof the Productive and Reproductive Rolesof Female Lurahin Bekasi Regency
Tahun : 2020
Penulis : Dr. Ir. Rilus A. Kinseng M.A. Hilda Nurul Hidayati S. KPm, M.Si
Abstrak :

This study showed that the patterns of conversion is mostly occurs rapidly and by switching control to others. Converted lands generally used for housing. Factors affecting land conversion can be categorized into internal factors such as urgent economic needs and the desire to change the fate, and external factors such as population growth and government policies. The impact of land conversion on the socioeconomic conditions consist of reduced rice yield, decreased farmers’s income, reduced household food security, reduced employment opportunities in agriculture, farmers’s limited access to agricultural land, and others. However there are positive impact as well, that is construction of housing may indicate the development of rural economy. The attitude of farmers to conversion of agricultural land has no relation to the characteristics of the respondents including gender, age, educational level, farm employment status, number of dependents in the family, income level, as well as broad and land tenure. 

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