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Judul : Hubungan Keberhasilan Program Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) PT Unilever dengan Keberdayaan Perempuan Pedesaan
Tahun : 2020
Penulis : Ir. Fredian Tonny Nasdian M.S,  Sri Rezeki
Abstrak :

The progress of increasingly sophisticated science and technology has led to a lot of development that refers to industrialization, especially in the private sector. Development carried out in Indonesia, is still gender biased and lacks consideration for the role of women. The amount of development including companies has an impact on the environment and society, so the government has obliged every company to carry out activities called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The CSR program is one of the community empowerment programs and can also be applied as a women's empowerment program. The purpose of this research is to see the relationship between the success rate of CSR programs and the level of empowerment of rural women. This study uses a combination of quantitative approaches and qualitative approaches. The quantitative approach is done by the census method using questionnaire instruments while the qualitative approach uses the case study method and is obtained through in-depth interview guides. The results showed that there was no relationship between the success rate of the CSR program and the level of empowerment of rural women in Sumbermulyo Village . This is because the success of CSR programs and the empowerment of CSR programs is more to the social and not economic aspects.

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