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Judul : Gender Dan Alokasi Pemanfaatan Remitan Dalam Rumah Tangga Migran TKI Laki-Laki (Kasus: Desa Lemahayu, Kecamatan Kertasemaya, Kabupaten Indramayu)
Tahun : 2020
Penulis : Dina Nurdinawati S.KPm.,M.SiDr.Ir. Ekawati Sri Wahyuni MA,  Riqa Arifah Zulkifli
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Migration is the way that husband do to fulfill the household needs of life and improve the level of household welfare. Remittance is a form of fulfillment for household workers in the form of money, ideas, and opinion. The purpose of this study is to identify the influence of household characteristics and the characteristics of TKI on the level of equality of access and control. Research conducted with a quantitative method supported by qualitative data. The unit of research analysis is households. The results of this study indicate that most of TKI households allocate remittances for consumption needs and social investment. The level of equality of access and control in remittance utilization is in an unequal condition. In this study the status of working wives, household income, and the magnitude of remittances affect the level of equality of access. The magnitude of remittance is an indicator of th characteristics of migrant workers that affects the level of equality of control.

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