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Judul : Effect of Farmers' Characteristics, Information Sources, and Information Quality on Agriculture Risk Communication
Tahun : 2020
Penulis : Prof. Dr. Ir. Sumardjo M.SDr. Ir. Dwi Sadono M.Si,  Ali Alamsyah Kusumadinataa , Burhanuddin
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Risk communication is the exchange of information to increase the weight of managed farms. The weak ability of risk communication is influenced by the weak information received by farmers. This research was conducted in two districts of Banyuasin and Ogan Ilir in South Sumatra Province with a gradual sampling technique. The data in this sample amounted to 294 respondents. Respondents taken were respondents who were members of farmer groups. Data analysis was performed by frequency distribution and using SmartPLS software version 3.2.9. The results showed that farmers are categorized as 47th years old young adult farmers with 12 years of compulsory education level, ownership area of less than 2 ha, and employment status are farmers. As for those who influence the ability of farmers to communicate risk is the characteristics of farmers, information sources, and information quality. The importance of farmer groups and the role of extension workers can improve farmers' risk communication skills. 

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