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Judul : Communication Convergence of Village Fund Managers for Village Development 
Tahun : 2020
Penulis : Prof. Dr. Ir. Sumardjo M.SDr. Ivanovich Agusta S.P., M.SiDr. Sofyan Sjaf S.Pt., M.Si,  Ramainim Saragih
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The communication convergence in managing rural development, especially managing the ongoing Village Fund program in Indonesia for approximately five years is absolutely necessary to generate great benefits for the community. This study describes the communication process that occurred between managers in managing development in the village. Critical assessment in this study aimed to determine the communication convergence in reducing communication gaps in the management of the Village Fund. Data collection techniques were performed by conducting in-depth interviews and observations. The data were collected qualitatively and analyzed descriptively using Nvivo 12 software. The results showed that communication convergence did not occur entirely in managers where villagers were not involved directly and fully in the process. In order that the Village Fund program truly provides the greatest benefit for the welfare of the community, there must be a strong motivation from all elements of the village community to play an active role in every development process by emphasizing the role of the Three Pillars of village development, i.e., the role of village government institutions, community members and especially the role of the representative body of village. 

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