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Judul : Climate Resilience: Concepts, Theory and Methods of Measuring
Tahun : 2020
Penulis : Dr. Ir. Rilus A. Kinseng M.A.,  Adi Subiyanto, Rizaldi Boer , Edvin Aldrian , Perdinan
Abstrak :

Resilience is an intangible concept. One way to describe it is done by indicators that can represent the same unit (index). The purpose of the study is to develop a method of measuring the climate resilience index (RI) based on the concepts and theory of vulnerability, risk, and resilience. The design of study and methods are: 1) framework for analysis of the concepts of vulnerability, risk, and resilience; and 2) develop RI based on a risk management approach and set up resilience forming factors. The method of measuring RI includes the choice of indicators, weighting and scaling indicators, categories of resilience, and applying methods to measure RI at the provincial level in Indonesia. The results showed that RI=(ACI*TCI)/(EI*SI); where RI: climate resilience index, ACI: adaptive capacity index, TCI: transformative capacity index, EI: exposure index, and SI: sensitivity index. In the case of Indonesia, the average of RI is 0.70. The highest was Jakarta SCR (1.61) and the lowest was East Nusa Tenggara (0.29). In other words, East Nusa Tenggara has to be the first priority of development in the face of climate change threat.

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