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Judul : Brain Gain Actors: Farmers’ Regeneration in Indonesia
Tahun : 2020
Penulis : Prof. Dr. Ir. Sumardjo M.S,  Wiwik Yuniarti, Widiatmaka, Winny Dian Wibawa
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This study examined the potential of brain gain as an alternative approach to regenerating the agricultural sector, based on the potential actors, obstacles, influencing factors and stakeholder analysis. The methodology used includes a literature review and statistical research, and the primary data were derived from brain gain actors. In addition, the collection process required the use of snow ball sampling, and was further analysed with descriptive statistics as well as linear regression. Stakeholders were identified using in-depth interview and classified in an interest-influence matrix. The results showed the brain gain actors to have young and formal education backgrounds as progressive farmers for agricultural extension partners. However, the pull factors, including higher income, better employment environment, guaranteed future, individual freedom and political stability significantly affected the interests to perform agricultural business in rural areas.

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