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Judul : Artikulasi Islam Nusantara dalam Perjuangan Agraria
Tahun : 2020
Penulis : M. Sohibuddin S.Ag., M.Si
Abstrak :

This article focuses on a specific topics rarely discussed in the scholarship of Islam Nusantara, namely the contribution of Islam Nusantara in addressing agrarian problems experienced by the community. To disclose such contribution, the author proposes the perspective of “access and exclusion” as a theoritical framework for understanding the nature of social struggle in the agrarian field. Based on this, the author will disclose the contribution of Islam Nusantara in “pursuing access” and at the same token “preventing exclusion” within various situations of agrarian struggle, starting from the family level (as concerned with inheritance system and joint marital property) to broader level of socio-agrarian relations (as related to inequalities in land tenure, relations of production and spatial allocation). In addition, the author will examines “agrarian ijtihad” issued by Nahdlatul Ulama and also proposes the idea of “agrarian waqf”—both constitute religious responses to “challenges of access” and “threats of exclusion” taking place within the community.

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