Mie University Exchange Student, Autumn 2017

Mie University Exchange Student, Autumn 2017


Special Auditing Student: for graduate of undergraduate student Special Research Student: for graduate student


  • The applicant must be the student who are enrolled in a university with a student exchange agreement with Mie University (IPB is included),
  • The applicant must have the purpose of auditing specific subjects (for special auditing student) or must have the purpose of doing research at Mie University (for special research student). The applicant must have basic knowledge of either or both Japanese and English

Application procedures

  1. Submit all application documents in a clear-green folder to DITMAWA by 6 March
  2. Application documents will be submitted to Mie University collectively by IPB

Detailed information and application form


Please contact subditplanipb@gmail.com for further inquiries in the following format: MieExchangeFall-2017-Nafne-Student ID-Major-Inquiry

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